Who doesn’t have a social media account these days? From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and more, social media platforms have evolved into full-blown communication channels, thus more brands and services (and even politicians) rely on these platforms to reach their target audiences. And since consumer attention is scattered across various social platforms, the brands who wish to capture attention need to keep in touch with how their audiences utilize these platforms. Here are a few of the top social media marketing trends to watch out for this 2019.  

Selfie Videos and Branding

Selfies are in these days, and because of this, the Selfie culture continues to flourish on social media, with the popularity of the Selfie photo evolving into the Selfie video! Thus, Selfie videos and branding are one of the top social media marketing trends 2019!

Like Selfie photos, Selfie videos are drawing high user interest on social media, because like the photos, Selfie videos allow users to capture a moment in time, although the video allows users to communicate in a deeper and more personal way than photos could! Selfie videos too tend to be short, and feel more immediate than a written post with a photo!

Influencers Continue to Grow Their Communities

In 2019, influencer marketing continues to develop and grow on various social media platforms. By the way, for those who still don’t know it, “influencers” are social media figures who have gathered a defined community around themselves, and their large following (which can range from a few thousand to over a million viewers) gives them influence over others.

Thus, they make incredible salespersons because we either trust or simply follow them on social media. And when done well, influencer marketing gives a human voice to brands, and is less direct than traditional forms of advertising!   

Quality and Creativity Over Quantity

Social media marketers who wish to gain consumer interest and consideration should be willing to go the extra mile in creating engaging content. Thus, thoughtfully done and well-positioned content (although in a lesser amount) will have a greater impact than an abundance of content that’s uninspired, heavy-handed, shallow or dull!

So, if you’d like your brand or service (or your preferred politician) to soar high on social media, make sure you keep these top social media marketing trends 2019 in mind!