Hello! I am Serena Carli.

Someone we both know wants us to meet – and I’ve been waiting for YOU!

I am an entrepreneur that helps people from all over the world, with their online marketing solutions, helping to solve problems of how to get their business and themselves online. I am a solutionspreneur, so every problem to me has a solution, and I can get those solutions quick and fast, as my brain goes there straight away. Being an empath also gives me sensitivity to many things happening in the world.

My business ethics are transparent, energised and determined. I am a woman of action. I have clients from all over the world, particularly the U.S., Australia, London, Singapore, and most Asian countries including Bali!


Hello! I am Serena Carli.

I am a self-taught coached entrepreneur, a solutions-preneur, a nurture-preneur, an empath, and a person who helps solve problems and find solutions for them. I like to call myself a barefoot entrepreneur also, as I was born barefoot, will possibly die barefoot and love not wearing shoes and running around freedomly barefoot

Having become a digital marketing expert, running my own outsourcing business for over 8 years, I have been able to work with people from different walks of life! Let alone, having the privilege of meeting some famous celebrity peeps. If you are a little curious as to who, scroll down to see.

Having several successful businesses of my own, my experiences are extensive, and you will find them extremely beneficial. Naturally, I have encountered obstacles along the way, but they have proven to be surmountable and have been valuable learning curbs for both me and my clients’ business.

I am also a network connector knowing many successful business people from all walks of life, in many countries and many different niches.

Health is my biggest niche and the past ten years I have spent a lot of time involved in different elements and learning so much about why we get sick.

Digital marketing is my world!

As a humanitarian that believes in the ability of everyone, I see this as an opportunity to help people all over the world, who want to better the lives they have now.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, and have always believed people have the means to do anything they put their minds to. i am also known to be one of the most outspoken, yet down to earth, authentic person that has no filters… which has often gotten me into trouble.

JT Foxx has nothing but great words about me.


Some reasons why its worth knowing me & DOING BUSINESS WITH ME

1. I have the drive and determination to help people be successful.

2. I have the skills, knowledge and experience to help translate that determination into results

3. I have satisfied clients all over the world, particularly U.S., Australia, London, Singapore, and most Asian countries including Bali!

4. I have a strong and dependable workforce behind me.

5. Credibility. Many clients like JT Foxx, Francie Baldwin, JT’s coaches and others will vouch for me.

My biggest focus is customer service – so important to give you the benefits of any business, so your money gets value. Getting results is important.

I have shared the stage with some great celebrities named above, MC’d, interviewed and many more not shown. Travelling the world, branding, networking, getting known globally. Creating a presence wherever I go. Building my own businesses as I learn new things. Learning and never stopping to think how life can be unfair, just moving forward and creating what you envision you want to create.

That’s how I live.

March 2019. BALI Business Game Changer – The Ultimate Business Detox

Where Wealth meets Health

Join to create a successful LIFE / BALANCE / CAREER

with other worldwide entrepreneurs

and enjoy 4 healthy knowledgeable days with

World renowned Coaches including JT Foxx’s

Global Marketing Coach – Myron Allis as a special guest


When Serena attended the World’s Number 1 Coaching Conference hosted by JT Foxx in Orlando, Fl., she was understandably excited to connect and mingle with other successful people from all over the world, including business moguls and celebrities. Much to her surprise, Serena ended up doing more than just meet people, Serena was one of the recipients for the much-coveted ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR GOLD MEDAL! (For Australia)

Meeting & enjoying laughs with Dr. Phil. OH MY GOD. What a legend and have loved his show for years. “Dr.Phil” is an American television personality, author, psychologist and the host of the television show Dr.Phil, which debuted in 2002. He first gained celebrity status with appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show in the late 1990’s as well. I love them both.

My Full Interview with HerGrit Magazine

BALI – How to start a new life after 50? Serena Carli, a multi business owner, speaker and world traveler. She is the epitome of the sayings; “it’s never too late to start something new” & “never let fear get in the way of your goals.” We first heard about Serena when she spoke at the Tycoons of Wealth event in Johannesburg, South Africa. And met her again in Los Angeles, USA where she spoke at Mega Success, a JT Foxx event.

Serena representing Australia in South Africa’s Tycoons of Wealth with over 2000 attendees

JT Foxx invited Serena to MC his event in South Africa. Never having spoken onstage before, this was understandably quite a nerve wracking, yet exhilarating experience for her. Serena was privileged to meet incredible people from all over the world and witnessed JT changing countless lives through his events, his talks and his coaching team. What a dream come true!

Since then, Serena has had the opportunity to speak on stage in Orlando at the second Family First reunion, (now known as Mega Success). It is so true, what they say, “You are who you hang around!”

Some of my favourite JT Foxx quotes

What gets measured – gets managed!

What is your bring to the table?

Who you spend your time with is who you become!

Don’t do your best, do whatever it takes!

The time for excuses is over, the time is right now or never!

Dreams don’t come true, but visions do!

Ideas are nothing, implementation is everything!

Success does not build character, it reveals it!

Speaking events, tours & awesome people

Roslynn Chalwell & I with George H. Ross (executive VP and previous senior counsel of the Trump Organization. He is perhaps best known as one of Donald J. Trump’s two advisors on the NBC reality television program The Apprentice.)

Calvin Klein is a name so famous as to have earned pride of place on underwear bands the world over.

Me and JT Foxx with American Lebanese-Jordanian businessman and motivational speaker Nido Qubein… What an inspiration!

Randi Zuckerberg – former director of market development and spokesperson for Facebook. She’s also the sister of the co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Fredrik Eklund, a Swedish New York City based real estate broker, a Bravo TV reality star, a former IT entrepreneur in his native Sweden, and a non-fiction writer… What a gentleman!

Flanked by the famous rapper 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III in real life) and my coach  JT Foxx… Aren’t I the luckiest lassie alive!

Bruce Buffer who is an actor and producer, and “The Voice of Mixed Martial Arts,” and the greatest announcer… I have one word for him: AWESOME!

With JT Foxx and Bethenny Frankel – a self-made businesswoman, TV Producer, natural foods chef, multiple New York Times best-selling author and mother. I just love seeing women take on the world!

On stage interview with Bethenny Frankel herself discussing about skin care and why natural is important. We surprised her with our brand ALL NATURAL AUSTRALIAN SKIN CARE. Wasn’t that exciting!

Showing muscle with Mark Wahlberg, an American actor, produce, businessman, model, rapper and songwriter, with JT Foxx dressed in one of Mark’s movie characters from Transformers. What an apt way to describe the life of an entreprenuer, TRANSFORMED!

No other than JT FOXX and Gene Simmons, an Israeli-American musician, singer, song-writer, record producer, entrepreneur, actor, author and television personality form the band KISS… Music to my ears.

Hugging my crush from when I was 16 years old, John Travolta. He’s an American actor, film producer, dancer and singer. Well known for Grease & Saturday Night Fever.

I got the chance to meet up and take a photo with Apple co-founder, Steve “Woz” Wozniak during the Mega Success event. One of the greatest minds alive. Such an honour to be in his presence.

Here’s another photo of me with George Ross. I couldn’t resist but ask him questions about his former boss – who just happens to be the president of the United States!

Once again with the famous actor John Travolta. Meeting him during the Mega Success event was an unforgettable experience.

Here I’m chilling with Al Pacino of the Godfather fame. Oh wow that man for his age, still has what it takes.

Flanked by business executive Hugh Hilton and rapper Vanilla Ice. Couldn’t get enough of these amazing men!

With the iconic Mel Gibson of “Braveheart” and “Lethal Weapon” fame. He’s done a great job of bringing several colorful characters to life. If there is one thing that resonated when he was on stage, it is DETERMINATION and RESILENCE.

Me with Stedman Graham – Oprah Winfrey’s handsome partner and a cool guy. You know what they say about fine wine.

Charlie Sheen and coach JT Foxx hilariously dressed up as Dr.Phil in one of the interview/ segments at Mega Success.

The Mega Success event gave me an opportunity to meet and greet several celebrities. Here I am with Barney Waters of  K-Swiss Global Brands. Entrepreneurs at their best!

I’m pretty sure you all recognize him. And yes, that’s nobody else but the iconic actor Charlie Sheen. He’s starred in epic movies such as Platoon, Major League and Wall Street. 

You might know him for the Marty Ray project. That’s singer Marty Ray during the Mega Success Event. A soul that you would have to be in his presence, to truly appreciate.

It’s me again with yet another legendary actor. After John Travolta, Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson, it’s Michael Douglas‘ turn to chat up with me. It’s amazing to be able to spend time with such a legend.

Jessica Simpson is more than just a successful singer and actress. She’s also one of the top sex symbols of the 2000’s. When you think of the whole entrepreneurial package, just think about this stunning woman!

Once again with Steve Wozniak. It’s not every day that we get to meet and chat up with someone who helped build one of the most successful companies in the world.

This time I’m here posing with the famous singer, JewelShe has received four Grammy Award nominations and, as of 2015, has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. A golden voice indeed.

Who hasn’t seen Blue Lagoon??? The ever beautiful Brooke Shields doesn’t seem to get old. She’s even more beautiful in person.

I’ve always loved his show! And here, I get the chance to connect and take a photo with Dr. Phil himself! I just couldn’t hide my excitement here.

Oh yeah! Now this is the great Jason Alexander from the hit 90’s sitcom, Seinfield! Seeing this man in person is indeed a surreal experience!

One on one with Bethenny Frankel

Thanks to the connections I have made through JT Foxx Organisation, I was able to interview Bethenny Frankel, an American television personality, businesswoman and author. Bethenny founded the drink company Skinnygirl Cocktails, is the author of four very successful self-help books and has hosted her own talk show, Bethenny.

Bethenny also has her own skincare range, so we were able to discuss the benefits of using natural skincare and our new range of ALL NATURAL AUSTRALIAN SKIN CARE, we have developed.

Serena’s Photo Gallery


JT Foxx SCAM or NOT? Be your own judge, not a puppet.

People ask me who the heck is JT Foxx, and why am I travelling around the world attending his functions, as they see on my posts on FB. I might have asked the same question myself, or I did when I first met him. Here he was standing on top of our seminar table, at a function in Singapore, 6 thousand people in attendance, sprouting about how good he was, and where he came from and where he is at now, and why we weren’t there also..

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